RP SOF Talon Series 12-PLY Run-Flat On/Off-Road Tire

  • $ 185.95


Smooth riding. Run-flat. Wear-resistant tread. From pavement to unexplored territory, choosing the RP SOF Talon Series Run-Flat Tire means you’re choosing minimal road noise, optimal traction, and the opportunity to drive your UTV anywhere. Through anything.

Employing characteristics of our well-known RP SOF Spartan Series, this 12-ply rated, run-on-flat UTV tire upholds our high standard for durability and rigidity, while offering a uniquely angled tread. This wear-resistant tread style creates minimal road noise and a smoother ride on and off pavement. But don’t let the less aggressive tread fool you – The Talon is still a beast in all the right ways. It’s ultra-durable and built to last, with a reinforced hybrid-constructed sidewall that allows the tire to maintain its rigidity and form for limited distance at payload, completely devoid of air. If you prefer calling the shots over calling for help, the Talon run-flat is the UTV tire solution you’ve been searching for.


  • Directional, self-cleaning, wear-resistant tread
  • Optimal traction in a variety of conditions including mud, snow, hardpack, rock-covered and paved
  • Smooth ride with minimal road noise
  • Maximum wear/operational longevity
  • Hybrid construction throughout, with a puncture and dent resistance sidewall
  • DOT certified
  • 1150+lb load rating at max PSI with a 550 lb load, devoid of air

Sizes Available

  • Front: 25x8x12, 26x9x12
  • Rear: 25x10x12, 26x11x12

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