RP Spartan Series Bias 12-PLY Run-Flat Off-Road Tire

  • $ 214.95


The true run-flat tire! For anyone doing a little off-roading, this is the tire for you - hunters, ranchers, government agencies, oil fields, pipeline and power line companies around the world.

If you're tired of flat tires on your ATV or UTV, the RP Spartan 12-PLY Off-Road Tire is the answer to your prayers. This aggressive, military derived UTV tire is ultra-durable and made to last! The reinforced hybrid construction sidewall allows the tire to maintain its rigidity and actually run without air for a limited distance at payload. So if you want a durable tire you can take off-road that can truly handle rough terrain, get a set of Spartans in the size that fits!


  • 12-PLY Run-Flat increases operational survivability
  • 1100+ lb load rating at maximum PSI with a 550 lb load rating, devoid of air
  • Universal sizes, a true 24-, 25-, 26-, 27- and 29*-inch tires (at max. operation pressure on a standard 6/7" wide wheel)

Sizes Available

  • Front: 25x8x12, 26x9x12, 26x9x14, 27x9x12, 27x9x14, 29x9x14**
  • Rear: 25x10x12, 26x11x12, 26x11x14, 27x11x12, 27x11x14, 29x11x14**
  • New! 24x11x10 specifically designed for agriculture, farming and mining use

*FREE shipping on all sizes in the continental U.S.

**RP Spartan Series 29-inch tires are not run-flats.

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