RP Spartan Series Run-Flat Off-Road Tire

The perfect tire for hunters, ranchers, government agencies,
oil fields, pipeline and power line companies around the world!

RP Spartan 12-PLY Rated Off-Road Tires. This aggressive military derived UTV Tire is ultra-durable and made to last. The reinforced hybrid construction sidewall allows the tire to maintain its rigidity and actually run without air for a limited distance at payload. That means in the rare event you puncture one, you won’t be left stranded. If austere terrain creates mobility challenges, then this is the tire solution for your UTV/SXS vehicle.


  • 12-PLY Run-Flat increases operational survivability
  • 1100+ lb load rating at maximum PSI with a 550 lb load rating, devoid of air
  • Universal sizes, a true 25-, 26-, 27- and 29-inch tires (at max. operation pressure on a standard 6/7" wide wheel)

Sizes Available

  • Front: 25x8x12, 26x9x12, 26x9x14, 27x9x14, 29x9x14
  • Rear: 25x10x12, 26x11x12, 26x11x14, 27x11x14, 29x11x14