RP SOF Series III 29-Inch Off-Road Tire

When payload targeting is critical rely on the RP Series III Off-Road Tire, specifically constructed to handle your mobility needs.

The RP Series III high load, 10/12-PLY rated off-road tire is specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads and higher ground clearance than our legacy 26-inch run-flats while still providing the same bead lip wheel protection, aggressive multi-directional tread pattern and austere environment survivability. The 10- and 12-PLY variants offer their own unique competitive advantage over the competition.

•  10- & 12-PLY capability increases operational survivability
•  900+ lb load rating
•  12-PR variant designed for 30 miles at 40 mph devoid of air
   at an impressive 700 lb per tire load
•  Type III 10-PLY High Load/High Performance Lightweight variant available
•  Universal Size 29x9x14
•  Colors: Black

LOAD RATING: The load limit refers to the load-carrying capacity of a RP tire under optimal conditions and when mated to an equivalent rated wheel. When properly matched and properly installed, it indicates how much weight a tire can support. For example, if a RP tire has a load limit 900 pound, it can support 900 pounds at maximum rated air pressure, installed properly on equal or greater rated wheel (typically a beadlock). In most cases, the tire rating does not increase vehicle payload without careful consideration of established vehicle limits or engineering analysis. Always consult with OEM or refer to OEM data.

SPEED RATING: Highway only use vehicles use tires with speed ratings that must be specified, and fitted, to exceed the maximum speed of the vehicle they are mounted on, with regards to their established speed rating code. The RP series tires are designed and tested to similarly establish the speed a tire can carry a load corresponding to its Load Limits. Certain RP tires are also constructed to DOT certification standards and can perform on highways within limits of design. But it should always be noted the RP line of tires are intended for off-highway use only on UTV/RGV/ATV and similar vehicles. Off highway use vehicles are limited by design for highway operations and strict adherence to your local and federal laws must be considered when using RP tires on vehicles used on highways/roadways.