Who are these RPAMS guys anyway?

We're the real deal, that's who!

RP Advanced Mobile Systems (RPAMS) custom designs and up-fits a family of fast response, lightweight tactical UTVs for professional and recreational use. With our beginnings in designing and customizing UTVs and ATVs for military, special forces and emergency response - All of our UTVs, ATVs and accessories are designed to smoothly handle rugged terrain, stand up to the most austere conditions, and get you through any trip, there and back. Whether you need a vehicle for the desert, snow, or mountainous terrain … We’ll customize your mobile system to fit. 

Custom UTV for military use flies over a hill.


Where RP Advanced Mobile Systems really raises the bar though, is with our RP Run-Flat Tires, which comes standard on all of our vehicle systems (and for good reason). The RP SOF Series Run-Flat Tire in particular has been extensively tested in a variety of environments and situations by DoD Special Forces and Department of Homeland Security Special Operations Groups. Time and again our rugged tire overcomes the traditional challenges of run-flat products thanks to its bias-PLY design, and is significantly easier to replace. And you can purchase that very tire for you UTV or ATV ... right from this website!

Want all the deets about what we do and who we are? We've got them here! Curious about our vehicles? Find the RPAMS UTV that fits your style.